Uniform Guidelines for Company F, Fourth Arkansas Infantry

Headware- Slouch hats made of proper construction and material. Kepis are also allowed, made from proper construction and material.

Shirts- Civilian pattern shirts made from proper construction and materials. Confederate and Federal issued shirts are good, but must be made from proper construction and materials.

Coats/Jackets- Jean Wool Single Breasted Frock Coats, Columbus Depot Jackets, Mystery Depot Jackets, and other Western Theater or Deep South Depot Jackets are permitted. All Coats/Jackets must be made from proper materials and construction. The style will depend on time specific impression.

Trousers- Western depot trousers made from proper materials and construction, preferably no Federal trousers.

Braces and Waist Belts-  This is a personal preference on how to keep your trousers up. If you choose Waist belts they need to be of proper construction and materials. If suspenders, these will be period- NO elastic, stainless etc. NO modern styles. 

Socks- Period style hand sewn or knit wool.

Shoes- Jefferson Bootee, civilian shoes, or other documented style shoes/brogans, and boots (military or civilian pattern) permitted. Must be made from proper construction and materials. NO NYLON LACES, WORK BOOTS, TENNIS SHOES ALLOWED.

Overcoats-  You can use a Federal, Civilian would be better.

Leathers- Documented Confederate issue or captured federal leathers allowed.

Haversacks- Civilian pattern, captured Federal tarred haversacks allowed. Must be made from proper material and construction.

Canteens and Cups- Confederate tin drum, wooden keg style, captured federal M-1858 smoothside canteens allowed. Cups come in various shapes and sizes, that is left to personal preference. Note: On any tinware, We do not want stainless steel items. These are not authentic and are easy to spot.

Knapsacks and Blankets- Confederate issue Mex War, Kibbler knapsacks, captured federal early war double bags, single bags, hardpacks, state issued knapsacks, English import knapsacks are allowed. If no knapsack is available, bedrolls will be ok. Blankets and ground cloths must be made from proper materials, patterns, and construction. Just remember anything you need to survive the weekend you will have to carry with you.

Weapons- Any 3-band Enfields, 1855/1861 Springfields are allowed. The 2-band Austrian Lorenz and Mississippi Rifles are allowed. All weapons must be clean, in proper working order, and should have ramrods and fitting bayonets of the appropriate style for their weapon.

Tents- We are usually on the campaign/field style camp. We strive to be more authentic. At this time, we stress at the most, dog tents. We do not want A-frame style tents. Dog tents, tent flys, leanto's, or shebangs are better. The best would be to sleep under the stars. Try to limit your gear you bring with you. Chairs are not to be used in our camp. 

*Please feel free to ask any questions on items before you buy.